Please welcome Fitplan, your new mobile-first personal trainer

Meet Fitplan, the latest addition to Lerer Hippeau’s portfolio.

HQ: Los Angeles, California

Cofounders: Landon Hamilton and Cam Speck

The problem: Consumers are looking for personalized services, especially when it comes to health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness. But, nutritionists and personal trainers are expensive and don’t offer a progress-tracking feedback loop or the sense of community digital natives are accustomed to from experiences with other health-focused trackers and apps.

Fitplan’s solution: Fitplan connects users with one-on-one customized fitness plans for the gym and in their homes. With dozens of Fitplans designed by top trainers, such as Jen Selter and Michelle Lewin, the app helps users meet their fitness goals for an affordable price while offering a sense of community built in with the larger Fitplan user base.

Origin story: Nutrition and fitness experts Landon Hamilton and Cam Speck created Fitplan back in 2016 when they witnessed the convergence of social media and physical fitness. The app’s community has since grown to more than 167,000 devotees following plans from professional athletes, fitness models, Olympians, Army Veterans, and bodybuilders — each with unique expertise for creating fitness plans for Fitplan users.

Why we’re betting on it: A social media element is an increasingly integral feature of consumer products and services focused on health and wellness. Consumers are adopting apps and other technologies to augment their fitness routines, while sharing their own progress and turning to their social channels for inspiration and advice. Fitplan has tapped into this energy with a product that addresses individual fitness needs while building a community around the influencers and instructors it’s attracted to its platform.

Our take: Health and wellness technology will continue to focus on personalizing content, building communities, and creating a culture of accountability. Apps such as Fitplan help form habits and pattern behavior essential to working towards fitness goals. Consumer health and wellness products are as strong as the feedback loops they create and their resultant user retention. Personalizing experiences for users and deploying systems for creating community and will propel future growth in this area in the years ahead.

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Lerer Hippeau is the most active early-stage venture capital fund in New York.

Lerer Hippeau is the most active early-stage venture capital fund in New York.