Revere, our latest investment

Partner Ben Lerer talks about LHV’s investment in Revere, a company reinventing nutrition for modern fitness

It’s no secret that millennials are becoming everyday athletes, heavily investing their time and money in health and fitness. Just walk into any gym or indoor cycling studio and you’ll see first-hand that working out has become a daily ritual for most. We see this in the emergence of boutique studio experiences like SoulCycle, cultish athleisure brands like Outdoor Voices, and technology-enabled fitness platforms like Peloton. Despite all this activity in the fitness-as-a-lifestyle movement, there’s one piece of this massive category that’s begging to be rebuilt: nutrition. Our latest investment, Revere, is taking that challenge head-on and we couldn’t be more excited about leading their seed round.

Decades of research and studies show that nutrition is the most important part of staying healthy and the right nutrition can maximize the benefits of exercise, allowing you to get more out of every 45-minute indoor cycling class or 1-hour gym session. But for the everyday athlete, the connection between fitness and nutrition has been a mystery. It is unbeknownst to this group that optimal results can be achieved by making small but right dietary additions. Ever googled, “are all carbs bad?” Or found yourself staring cluelessly at endless rows of supplements in dimly lit megastores? In short, the connection between nutrition and fitness for everyday athletes is inconvenient at best, and at worst, overwhelming.

Revere’s mission is simple: to create customized nutritional product plans using whole-food-derived ingredients, to deliver them straight to your door, and to expertly fuel your workout every day. Their vision is to reinvent this wildly outdated category with the same mix of superior product, customer-obsessed service, and elegant brand storytelling that’s proven to be a winning formula with digital-first brands.

The founding team brings with them deep operating experience and expertise in the health and fitness space. CEO, Matt Scott is a 3-time early stage founding team member and executive and has led multiple venture backed business from seed to aggressive growth trajectories. Mike Barwis, Product Development Chair is one of the country’s most highly regarded experts in human performance and elite training. He and his team have trained, conditioned, and nutritionally guided over 5,000 professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletes in over 40 sports. CMO, Alex Blodgett is an experienced fitness and wellness expert, having founded and grown the spinning studio Cyc Fitness into an national fitness brand with tens of thousands of loyal riders. COO, Jasper Nathaniel is an experienced operator, having driven revenue strategies at multiple high growth businesses.

While we’re excited about the $8.8B market opportunity Revere is going after, we’re even more excited about the brand they’re building. Transparency, simplicity, and convenience are central to everything Revere stands for, from their UX to their physical products. Whole-food-derived plants such as sweet potatoes, beetroot, and pomegranate make up their products and a dead simple personalized profile ensures you’re matched with the exact products that are best suited to you and your workout routine.

Having known Matt and Alex for years, the investment was far from our standard VC process. Further, knowing the depth of the domain expertise and legacy that Mike brings from a product insight standpoint, this combo of operators and experts was easy to get behind.

Revere is the first of its kind to create customized nutritional product plans, delivered straight to your door to help fuel your everyday workout and we can’t wait for what’s to come.

Lerer Hippeau is the most active early-stage venture capital fund in New York.

Lerer Hippeau is the most active early-stage venture capital fund in New York.