We surveyed Gen Z following our GEN Z VCs SUMMIT — and here’s what we found

Segments examined:

  • Top Trends and Favorite Companies
  • The Gen Z Identity
  • Sector Insights: Future of Work, PropTech, Data Privacy, Social & Shopping, FinTech & Crypto
  • The biggest problem our generation is facing & how we’ll change the world
  • The COVID Impact on Gen Z

Top Trends & Favorite Companies

Top Trend: FinTech

132 Gen Zers, Founders, and Angel Investors surveyed.

Favorite Company: Apple

282 Gen Zers surveyed. Brands that received 5+ common responses are represented in this graph.

The Gen Z Identity

When we asked Gen Z to describe themselves using one word…

282 Gen Zers surveyed.

When we asked Gen Z about who inspires them…

261 Gen Zers surveyed.

Sector Insights: Future of Work, PropTech, Data Privacy

Future of Work

282 Gen Zers surveyed.
  • The most popular side hustles listed were around skilled work — mainly consulting, advising, tutoring, and freelance creative work. Only 1 person listed gig work as their side hustle.
  • The 2nd most popular was investing, which included angel investing, managing a portfolio of public stocks, or building a portfolio of different currencies. Flipping & trading NFTs was listed as well.
  • The 3rd most popular was around owning a small business or reselling. This ranged from building eComm businesses on Shopify, to selling on Etsy/eBay, and reselling clothing, furniture, and sneakers across platforms.


  • Group / shared ownership
  • Home financing options as prices / affordable housing in urban cities continue to skyrocket
  • Education on real estate investing / home ownership
  • Tools to facilitate the home-buying process
282 Gen Zers surveyed.

Data Privacy

  • Those who were unsure noted that it really depends on the type of data and would consider it on a case-by-case basis.
  • Being able to sell data offers an interesting use case to make passive income on the side, and startups that cater to this will likely find mass within Gen Z.
282 Gen Zers surveyed.

Social & Shopping

222 Gen Zers and 130 non-Gen Zers surveyed.
  • This undercuts the importance of community & organic growth for companies trying to reach Gen Z.
  • Leveraging influencers and creators in an authentic way can also be a huge asset to companies looking for new paid marketing channels.
282 Gen Zers surveyed.
282 Gen Zers surveyed.
282 Gen Zers surveyed.
282 Gen Zers and 130 non-Gen Zers surveyed.

FinTech & Crypto

282 Gen Zers surveyed.

The biggest problem facing our generation & how we’ll change the world

The Climate Crisis is the largest global concern among Gen Zers

271 Gen Zers surveyed.

How Gen Z will change the world

  1. More than anything is an empowered mindset — that no voice is too small, idea or goal is unattainable, or belief that a societal problem is too large to tackle. We’re a generation that thrives on disrupting the status quo & what’s accepted — and we’ll see more innovation & inclination towards action as a result when it comes to social change, improving the climate, and beyond.
  2. Living more authentically and intentionally in everything we do: from the people we meet, to the products we buy, to the way we interact with the world. We’ll see more empathy and inclusion holistically.
  3. Technology empowering decentralization of major systems, increased ownership in a world of Web3, the rise of digital identity, and ease of collaboration across borders to align around mission & community

COVID’s Impact on Gen Z

COVID-19 created opportunities for growth & self-discovery

  • Career was the most popular category mentioned in these open-ended responses. Many people lost jobs but simultaneously took the time off as an opportunity to make a career change for the better or start a business.
  • Many moved home & spent more time with family, discovered they liked working from home, were more introspective and focused on relationships / mental health, etc. The pandemic forced a strong return to living by your values beyond just work.
121 Gen Zers surveyed.

Why it matters

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